Return Visits

    She seemed to completely disappear after that.

    I wasn’t taken aback, I’d received a blessing. She had shown me she still lived.
    But more than that -she had shown me in an energetic sense, that there was
    now nothing wrong with her.

    I expected nothing more. 
    ​But a week later, as I was driving, it happened again. Beside me in the passenger seat, Misty’s character appeared…not as a vision, but simply as a wave of affection and energy.
    I laughed again, the contact filled me with joy.

    She disappeared again…totally.And re-appeared on the 29th July in the midst of a thunderstorm….
    Misty…where do you go? You visit -full of love, you hang around a while, then you dash away….where to? When you’re gone, you seem so totally gone! There isn’t a touch of you, not a whisper, nothing. But each time you return, dashing back to me with affection, you seem so strong and well.

    ​I had to admit -these visits were definitely her. All through our life together I had grown to know the unique "signature" of her character -an unseen thing, almost like a scent. That was what I sensed. These communications were clear, unmistakable, and the oddest thing about them was…they cut across my ordinary thinking.

    I was skeptical. Not to a crippling degree, but had always been unsure about the existence of life after death - even though I had experienced some unusual events in my past. Each time something strange happened, there could possibly have been an alternative explanation.  I’d hoped there might be some existence beyond this life, as total annihilation didn’t seem to make much sense  (Einstein “Energy is neither created nor destroyed”) But as yet I’d had no hard evidence of it.

    But this ….. was different. I could not find any alternative explanation for that strong contact which was Misty -out of the blue and unbidden.

    My old view had been shattered. But there was even more to come.

    She’d never been afraid of storms. She took them in her stride, just like herds of Bullocks, torrential rain, big bad dogs (she charmed them), insurmountable obstacles, German Shepherds five times her size….

    The only things she showed any apprehension about were little kindling sticks which dared to crackle as they were burning…. and swearing.