The story of Misty's battle with mammary cancer and finally, Hemangiosarcoma: 

Misty's Blog -A Dogfight with Cancer

Angel from the Streets -(my first attempt at a YouTube video for her ! Aug.15 2012)

I made you feel my Love  -(my second attempt at a YouTube video for her ! April 2013)

​Other links which may be of some help to anyone grieving the loss of an animal


Do Animals Have Souls? A website investigating animal Souls and Life after Death. Includes a couple's unusual experiences after their dog passed away.

Rainbows Bridge   A support forum for those suffering Animal Companion Bereavement.

Please do contact me if you wish, using the Contact Form below. Comments are welcomed, and I understand the pain of bereavement.

We lived the happiest of ordinary lives.

Well....this is us..... Misty and Me

Sadly, I don't own a digital picture taken of us together! And only own two digital pictures of me! So this is the best I can do!

All the pictures of her, I took with my camera-phone between 2010 and 2012. I am grateful to my old phone for breaking down, forcing me to update my gadgets, or I might never have owned any pictures of her at all. We always seemed to have so many tomorrows to do those things.

In all the photographs on this website she is aged between 13 and almost 15.

Reviews for Angel From the Streets...

 Suspense, grit, beauty, hope.... (December 28, 2013)By Abby,
(Amazon Verified Purchase)
Immediately, I was swept into the underworld where this poor creature was struggling to survive. Gripped by suspense, the poignant story and a beautiful writing style, I read this intriguing book in one sitting! More than a heartwarming true tale of rescue and love - the author leaves you with her certain belief that our beloved animals live on...I will read this again.

 (December 30, 2013)By Cecile

Simply Great (December 30, 2013)

By Cecile,

(Amazon Verified Purchase)

Perhaps you've also met that special junkie or alcoholic, that you wanted to help. Wondered if your TLC would help him fight his addiction. And then you moved on, because common sense told you it wouldn't. The author, living alone after her partner died, decided to act differently.Her story is divided into two parts.In Part One she tries to help drug addict Josh and his dog Misty.Part Two describes life with Misty after Josh left, avoiding his 'friends' and, years later, Misty's death and her coming back as an angel.The way she writes about her experiences made this for me one of the best books I've read this year (and I've read a lot).

A GREAT LOVE STORY (December 29, 2013.)

By Susan Berkoff,
To truly understand the love and bond that is between a dog and the person that dog depends on is one thing, To understand that there can be soul mates that may not both be human is what brings the love to the understandable surface in this book.To know that we will NEVER be a way or why to understand what somehorrific people can do to innocent dogs is almost too much to carry on our shouldershowever, we must. We must to make sure that more people save the "Mistys"who live all around us every day.This author saved this dog, no question about it.However what she got back,,,read the book.

A wonderful story of unconditional and never ending love, (December 27, 2013)

​By Donna - See all my reviews
(Amazon Verified Purchase.This review is from: Angel From the Streets (Kindle Edition)
Anyone who has loved and lost a pet will love this book. I have had that special soul connection with animals and there is no greater bond. And yes, I too know that our fur babies live on. "Until one has loved an animal, one's soul remains unawakened." Wonderful story!

Warning! Free downloads of the book "Angel From the Streets" have been found online  These free downloads are illegal, pirated, and may contain malware.

Blessings to you, dear friend, dear dog, dear Soul and Sister. I am filled with gratitude for all the gifts you have brought me, and all the years of love we have shared. May you travel well in Spirit. You are welcome to visit whenever you like.....

I hope that our story may bring some glimmer of hope and comfort to those who are suffering bereavement.

Blessings to all,

​Sylvia (and Misty)

I thank her for returning to me, for showing me she does indeed, have a Soul, and that there is a life after "death". She showed me, with her simple Grace, and little light of Love, what no religions, no philosophers, no learned men, no psychics  -have ever been able to show me. And in a real, living way.

I do not, and never have -thought of myself as psychic. I have had a number of out-of-body experiences in my life, but do not have any special "psychic" gifts. I am very very ordinary. It was the love between us which traversed dimensions, and brought us together even after her death. Love. Nothing else.

About Misty -and Me

Misty arrived in my life as a 'street dog' in 2001. From
unusual circumstances and many traumas, she ended up
with me. And I had never seen a dog so happy. We spent
every available moment outside in our woodlands,
orchards and fields.

We both loved life together so very much.

(Dog-Trotting Angel Wearing T-Shirt)

Book Description:
Publication Date: December 23, 2013

Angel From the Streets -A rescue-dog's undying love. 
A dramatic true-life story of my rescue of a street dog from small-town gangsters. A tale of our happy life together, our unique bond, and a surprising canine loyalty which reached out even beyond the grave, to completely change my views on life and death. 
(note: there are instances of mild swearing, and some references to drug taking. Parents are advised that the book may not be suitable for children.)

($2.94  £1.88 (UK) Available on Amazon worldwide. 161 pages.)

All that by day -and a log fire, good food, and a warm bed at night. What more could we want or need? It was like living in Heaven.